Frequently Asked Questions

Can I give you music?
YES! While normally I am glad to download any music you need on my own. If you like, I can arrange a cloud folder where you can give me specific music files or documents! 

Can we come see you in action?
Unfortunately, No. I treat every one of my clients with the attention & detail they deserve. Therefore, no wedding crashing. :-) Not only that, but every wedding I do is specific to the couple; what you would see would be very different from yours as I dont do anything routine. However, check out my blog and instagram where I am ALWAYS posting videos of my adventures & work! AND look at the above DJ MIXES tab for my mixtapes!

What happens in the event of an emergency?
Having been a single parent, I am a big fan of backup plans. In the unlikely event that something would happen to me, I am affiliated with several other larger DJ firms on island who employ multiple DJs. In the unlikely event of emergency. I would make arrangements for one of my partners to fill in. Not only that, but I would coordinate with them using the step by step itinerary that we will create together. I have no doubt my backup DJs would be able to make things run smoothly! THAT BEING SAID, I have never missed a gig of any kind in over 18 years!

I also carry backups of my equipment to ensure seamless operation in the event of an accident!

Do you do LGBTQ Weddings?
Absolutely, Your Mix Maui is proud to serve all clients, and their families! Making no distinction between the ethnic , political or sexual background of the couple or their guests, but rather, 


How does your price compare to other DJ services?
Instead of charging extra for my additional services like many of my competitors, I choose to offer everything you might need as a flat fee, without any limitations on your planning, vision or your party. Many of my included services would individually cost $150-$300 extra with other companies, not to mention Hawaii G.E.Taxes and payment processing fees. I would prefer to simply be your DJ/MC for the hours you need me or the whole day, whatever that means, whatever it takes, no surprises on price, no upgrades or time limits for you to get around. 

While some DJ services may charge less, and possibly include less, it is very common for companies that have one boss overseeing several weddings at the same time, done by part-time DJs, to charge a bit less, as they are able to book more weddings on the same date.

I am a full-time DJ and business owner, I focus 100% on the couple I am working with on that day, am NOT managing multiple weddings on the same day and am fully responsible for every aspect of my clients events from booking and planning, to the day of, till the last song is played. This includes getting back to my customers promptly, and ALWAYS going the extra mile, I am a service industry professional, and for the fee I charge, I am able to live my life in a way that allows me to focus on each customer on an individual basis, without having a part-time job or a team of employees.

Finally, I take every penny I am given with the utmost importance. Thanks to my clients I am able to spend a great deal of time with my son at home and when I do leave for work, its to go do something that I love doing anyhow! My clients afford me the lifestyle I dreamed of, here on Maui no less! So it is an honor for me, to be part of bringing my clients the day they dreamed of!

Do you do events other than weddings?
Totally! Most non-wedding events such as Beach/Condo Parties, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Holiday celebrations, Office Parties, Karaoke, School dances, Anniversaries, Graduation parties, Athletic Events, Fundraisers, etc.  require far less involvement, so call us for a low hourly rate for us to host and provide music and lighting for your or your organizations event at 808-757-9196.

How far ahead should I book with you?
Being a premium, single operation provider, based in the destination wedding capitol of the world, Maui! We recommend getting in touch at least 8 months prior to the date of your event. However, many clients reserve our service as many as 24 months in advance! However, we may still be available last minute so CALL US TODAY!

How much is the deposit and is it refundable?
The deposit to secure your date regardless of what services you choose to include is $400 for weddings and $200 for non-weddings and while transferable, it is not refundable. The balance is not due until 2 weeks before the event and if something unfortunate were to happen I would work with you, not against you!

How do I book You for My event?
Call Teddy today at 808-757-9196, or email at 

Or fill out our inquiry form by clicking here!

Do you do the Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey, Slides, etc?
While I set out to offer a service in a style which is anything BUT, the typical corny wedding dj, I will tastefully incorporate anything that will make people dance! Whats important to me, is that instead of choosing from a template, we instead, create your night together, YOUR WAY, based upon your style, and my past experiences. Some traditional dances, and special events that I have seen in the past are listed below:


  • Bride/Groom first dance
  • Father/Daughter dance
  • Mother/Son dance
  • Parents dance
  • Bride/Groom & children dance
  • Garter/Bouquet toss
  • Anniversary dance - to determine which couple has been married longest
  • Dollar dance - guests pay $1 to dance with bride or groom, whichever line gets more money, keeps all!
  • Filipino money dance - guests pay $1 to dance with the bride/groom, by in some way or another attaching the money to the couple as they dance!
  • Classic/modern line dances: polkas, salsas, slides, shuffles, etc.
  • Speeches/toasts: wedding party, parents, bride/groom, dinner prayer, etc.
  • Freeze frame! - bride, groom and photographers take 4 minutes to run to each table during dinner to take pictures with every guest... If they can!
  • Glass clinking alternatives: - make 2 guests kiss, drawing couples names out of a jar, kiss games using dice, golf tee, basketball hoop etc.
  • Couples shoe game w/trivia
  • Dinner trivia! - during our consultation we will create trivia questions about your relationship or family, winners get small prizes, or first in line for buffet service
  • Anything you can think of! :-)

Got another question I didnt answer above? Email Teddy HERE at!

DJ Teddy Rux of at a wedding at Waiohuli Community Center

DJ Teddy Rux of at a wedding at Waiohuli Community Center