DJ Teddy Rux


I've been DJing since I was 14, when I was  first exposed to Electronic Dance Music. Raised by a high school public speaking teacher & actor/singer, I've been told I was "Born to be a Pro DJ". 

I started working with a local DJ company as a Wedding & Corporate event DJ 5 years later in 2004, while in college. Having worked simultaneously for 3 of the Nations Premier DJ Services since, in 2012 I began my own company, "Your Mix Entertainment" at the age of 28, which has become one of the most highly rated Wedding DJ Services in the US!

At 33 in 2017, after building a wildly successful reputation of my own on the mainland.  I moved the company, myself & my son to our favorite place in the world, Maui, Hawaii! 

DJ Teddy Rux of in the mix at Vibe Nightclub on Maui

DJ Teddy Rux of in the mix at Vibe Nightclub on Maui

My DJ origins in the dance music scene led to international music releases, and several tours all around the country, sometimes to crowds as large as 5000+ people! Taking things to the next level as a professional entertainer I have dj'd and hosted over 850 weddings, from laid back Beach Weddings, or Rowdy Barn Receptions, to elegant Country Clubs, Ballrooms, Museums, Hi-Rises, Zoos, Stadiums, Universities & not to mention some of the worlds most exclusive resorts!  

Having two distinct influences to my DJing, both as an artistically oriented club mix dj, and as a service oriented private event Host/MC/DJ AND coordinator. I feel that I offer something that no other dj can. I understand the variety of guests and musical tastes at any event, and I have a passion for blending styles to create playlists and a sound as unique as the mixture of people in the crowd itself. A "custom mix" for every occasion. 


In addition to mixing, I also take pride in hosting events on the microphone with the formality and honor that goes with introducing distinguished guests, events, and getting creative to get your crowd involved in any special ideas that you and your wedding party may have. Without awkward silences, or interruptions.  

Finally, like any good DJ, I understand the importance of timing, and not only on the dancefloor. I use my decades of experience to help my clients plan an itinerary for their events months in advance, so that things run smoothly, with an elegant and laidback atmosphere and vibe, that makes the whole party look effortless. This level of involvement and enthusiasm has not only given me a reputation as being "more than a dj" But also for my couples. A desperately needed resource to give peace of mind, knowing their event is in the hands of someone who not only has decades of experience doing weddings, but also legitimately cares about them and responds to emails and phone calls promptly.  

I have honestly not found one thing involved with DJing that I cannot do, in over 20 years. My clients allow me to make a living doing what I love and pay for my life and the life I provide for my family. Here on Maui no less! Our Dream! I am so grateful for every one of my customers and will do anything to make them happy and to make them dance!

I love my job and I look forward to proving it to you, and your guests!  

- DJ Teddy Rux

DJ Teddy Rux and Son Roland in the Mix at a beach party on Maui!

DJ Teddy Rux and Son Roland in the Mix at a beach party on Maui!